Nedan finns en samling av mina utvalda artiklar och presentationer. De flesta har publicerats i magasin, manadsmagasin eller dagstidningar. Presentationerna har oftast presenterats pa kommersiella konferenser, workshops samt under vetenskapliga konferenser. Jag ska försöka att utöka denna samling, dock publicering av material pa Interner är begränsad med hänsyn till deras exklusivitet eller rättsliga begränsningar.

    • Trust – the real engine of digital transformation.
      (Personel Plus, Mars 2020)
      Förtroende har grundläggande betydelse för att bygga ett framgångsrikt marknadsföring oavsett marknad och sektor. Artikeln behandlar problemet, som ofta förbises i ledningslitteratur, relaterat till vikten av förtroende (internt och externt) inom området digital transformation. Det kan hävdas att i händelse av dess organisatoriska underskott är det inte möjligt att göra smidig anpassning till marknadsförändringar / störningar, vilket inte är så mycket förknippat med svårigheten med teknisk implementering, men med en mänsklig faktor som kan sakna förtroende för förändra.
    • Candidate & employees experience – experience is not the welcome pack
      (Personel Plus, Januari 2020)
      Hur bygger man en kandidat- och anställdsupplevelse med hänsyn till ekonomiska, tekniska och sociala förändringar? Hur beroende av varandra är interna och externa arbetsgivares varumärken i företagens ärdekreationskedja? Sök efter några svar i artikeln.
    • Toward the digital workplace – how to build an effective working environment?
      (Personel Plus, Oktober 2019)
      A digital workplace is a reality. Workplace by Facebook, Office 365, Jive, Sharepoint and number of other digital products create a new collaborative and communication environment. How to not get lost, how to make it effective and how to increase the adoption rate? Some answers you will find in the article.
    • The great disruption – how to deal with changes?
      (LinkedIn, Maj 2019)
      How to prepare future managers to cope with constant changes in the business environment. Why business should be concerned about disruption outside the business. How to proceed with change management?
    • The blurred lines_- Marketing & Communications interdependencies.
      (LinkedIn, April 2019)
      Cooperation between marketing and communications used to be a ride on a bumpy road. The new challenges have set both disciplines to be in harmonious collaboration in order to generate value for company, brand, employees, and investors. How about your experiences?
    • Media crisis anatomy. How to avoid it and how to predict it?
      (Trio Conferences, Warszawa, April 2018)
      – How to handle media crisis in the hyper transparency era – case study,
      – Methods and solutions which support crisis management
      – Corporate anti-crisis culture – how to build and maintain it?
    • On-line & social media policy as a reputation guard. How to prepare for the media crisis?
      (Kongres Profesjonalistów PR | PR Professionals Convention, Rzeszów, April 2018)
      – Media crisis anatomy,
      – How to predict media crisis?
      – How to build internal governance to handle media crisis
      – How to establish anti-crisis corporate culture?
    • Employer Branding and CSR – how to make synergic effects to build employer’s reputation
      (BMS Group, Warszawa, February 2018)
      – Corporate reputation factor while acquiring new employees,
      – Sustainable development strategy impact on internal employer branding,
      – Transparency and reputation – mutual interdependence.
    • Communications Manager 2020 – how to be prepared for future challenges?
      (Trio Conferences, Warszawa, October 2017)
      – Set of new competences required for communications leaders,
      – Impact of technologies on communication discipline,
      – How to measure communications outcomes and which KPI’s are best to be used,
      – How to develop new competences to be real change advocate and stay ahead,
      – New c-suits demands toward communications professionals and how to cope with them?
    • How to build the best sales team?
      (Sales Team Management, Blue Business Media, April 2017)
      – How to build employer image in order to attract best sales talents?
      – Digital channels role in building relations between organization and candidates,
      – On-boarding – how to do a great induction to build engagement and understanding of organization,
      – How to improve collaboration methods in order to achieve business goals,
      – Golden tip for goodbye.
    • Effective communication strategies for Shared Services Centers, so how to communicate changes in organizations to keep best talents on board and improve employees engagement.
      (Trio Conferences, March 2017)
    • Communication, tech and human factors: how can technology drive communication and business?
      (Intra.NET Reloded Berlin, we.CONECT GLOBAL LEADERS, April 2017)
      – Do you think we should shape new corporate culture to support digital transformation?
      – How to exploit Mobility opportunities for more efficient collaboration and communication?
      – World is changing quickly. How to communicate and manage changes which are part of digital transformation in our organizations?
      – Digital workplace a trend or necessity? Are we and our co-workers ready for that? What cultural changes are needed in order to succeed?
      – What is your idea about maximization of adoption rate of new digital solutions by more experienced employees? How to enable them to jump into digital transformation process?
    • How to build epic sales team?
      (Sales Team Management, Blue Business Media, April 2017)
      – How to build employer branding in order to attract best in class talents?
      – How to exploit digital transformation’s potential?
      – How to make great induction/on-boarding to the sales team?
      – How to improve cooperation within the team?
      – Some final advice 🙂
    • Effective communications strategies in Shared Service Centres (SSC). How to communicate effectively changes within organisation in order to keep talents and improve engagement?
      (Trio Conferences, March 2017)
    • Talent war, few words about marketing on the labor market
      (Miesięcznik Inwestor, June 2011)
      Employer branding is trendy – no doubts. But its importance for company couldn’t be overestimated and definitely shouldn’t be treated as another short term marketing campaign. Moreover it is not about modern terminology, but about overtaking competitors in attracting best available talents on the labor market. Best talents will assure sustainable development and competitive advantage. Please read more in the article below.
    • Huston, we’ve got small problem…few words about crisis
      (Miesięcznik Inwestor, February 2011)
      This short publication has a purpose to show architecture of the crisis within a company and challenges which stand in front of the communication officers and teams. Quite often small events, which had seemed to be innocent appeared to be monsters in disguise, devastating the company. To know more, take a few minutes to read the paper below.
    • Today better not to be in a hurry…
      (Miesięcznik Inwestor, January 2011)
      The article treats about importance of marketing researches in the management decision making processes. In Poland marketing researches are more often related to the promotional areas, while in the more developed countries this field is understood in much wider context – to know more just take a minute to read the article.
    • How to make an Office building become a star?
      (Pólrocznik Biurowce w Polsce, Autumn 2010)
      The article is about commercial real estate marketing. Recent years have shown the importance of proper product positioning on the market, particularly in times of economic recession. Products that were properly positioned caused their owners little or no worries even in harsh market conditions. These are the stars, that can shine through the cloudy sky.
    • Looking for innovations
      (Inwestor Magazine, October 2010)
      The article is focusing on the importance of innovations for the economy growth. The article is pointing at imperfections of the Polish model of innovation’s sourcing and recalls best examples from other countries.
    • Cooperation of science and industry as an economic growth’s stimulator
      (Miesięcznik Inwestor, September 2010)
      Another article in the series regarding cooperation between industry and research institutes as a competiveness driving factor. The article describes cooperation models and best practices in that field with special focus on the Scandinavian countries.
    • Tourism industry as a chance for accelerated development for emerging economies
      Today tourism industry, under which could be understand all commercial processes related directly or indirectly to tourism, has undoubtedly significant impact on the global economy. What last decades have clearly demonstrated, globalization together with capital and people freedom of movement encourage and support further tourism development what as result positively affects region and whole countries.
      (Inwestor Magazine, June 2010)
    • Public transport as a marketing tool
      This publication tries to present some practical approaches and possibilities how to use public transport as marketing communication channel. Moreover it tries to answer the question regarding how to conduct marketing actions in the city space and keep its color consistency.
      (Inwestor Magazine, April 2010)
    • National marketing – common business
      Many articles and publications have been created so far regarding promotion of Poland as a tourist destination. But despite good theoretical basis positive effects are not clearly visible. Is it possible that the theory and practice do not live together in one house?
      (Inwestor Magazine, Marzec 2010)
    • Communications, stupid – article regarding importance of internal communications within company
      (Inwestor Monthly Magazine, February 2010)
    • How to organize the team responsible for initial public offering and investor relations
      (Parkiet daily newspaper, February 2010)
    • Organization of communications processes as a key factor in achieving market success
      (Inwestor Magazine, January 2010)
    • How to efficiently use of internet technology in investor relations and corporate communication” – some comprehensive review of how to conduct corporate communications exploiting potential of internet.
      Presentation showed to Polski Instytut Relacji Inwestorskich, November 2009, PIRI
    • Corporate communications in the turbulent times” – some ideas how to conduct corporate communications when market information demand rise and markets are driven by uncertainty.
      Przegląd Finansowy, April 2009
    • Strategy of communication in the turbulent times
      Presentation showed during Kongres PR in Rzeszów, April 2009
    • Corporate communication as a company value adding tool
      Article published in Gazeta Giełdy Parkiet,, April 2008
    • Business—science partnership—knowledge base economy model
      Presentation is consecrated to the description of cooperation between business and science and potential benefits
    • Ethic in the Investor Relations and Corporate Public Relations activities
      Article concerns to the ethic issues in the activities of Investor Relations and Corporate Public relations
    • Reporting efficiency of tomorrow needed today
      Article describes the XBRL reporting technology, that makes financial reporting fast and convenient
    • Knowledge base economy
      Article describes economy based on the knowledge and possibility of implementation of this model in Poland
    • Internet in the investor relations
      Presentation is about usage of Information Technology in the investor relations activities
    • Comeback to us…
      Article main aim is to stress the importance of guest relations processes and quality of provided services
    • How to get to hotel through kilobits…
      Article concerns to the hotel reservation processes supported by the Internet
    • To be or not to be a virtual hotelier…
      Article concerns the implementation of Information Technology in the hotel company