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It’s privilege to welcome you to my private website! The page has been created in order to share knowledge, publications, research papers and presentations which I had a chance to present during conferences and workshops.

Most of the content you will discover here is related to my professional interests and completed corporate projects in the field of corporate communications, digital solutions, marketing, Public Relations, Employer Branding, internal communications and Investor Relations.

I’ve built my experience in France, Sweden as well as in international companies in Poland – both from SME sector and listed on Warsaw Stock Exchange. I’ve worked for the following, varied sectors and industries; high-tech, consulting, construction, hospitality, retail and commercial properties.

In my work I highly appreciate values, which are widely professed in Sweden and other Nordic countries. In my opinion economic success of Scandinavian countries has become referential in the world due to people’s determination, ethical values, unique management methods and knowledge creation and sharing. Moreover, I highly value words of Lee Iacocca, the legendary CEO of Ford and Chrysler, who smartly defined conditions for achieving success both by companies and employees – quality, productivity and satisfied customers (internal and external) are essential for sustainable growth.

You are welcome to explore the site and its content. Please do not hesitate to contact me directly if you have any questions or you want to share experiences and knowledge.