About me

Maksymilian Pawłowski – the economist, marketing & communications professional, manager in love with people and technology.

I hold PhD in economics of Management Faculty University of Warsaw. On this faculty, I also completed my BS and MA. I hold MBA of Erasmus University Rotterdam in the field of business information and communication technology. Due to my passion for communication and IT I’ve completed a number of researches regarding corporate communications and support of business processes by information technology. In 2000 when intranet technology was in its infancy I wrote BS thesis regarding its capability of supporting management and communication within the organization. Two years later I wrote MA thesis regarding management of IT systems implementation. Finally, my PhD thesis was focused on evaluation methods of enterprise social tools within a company’s business activities, like communications and management.

In my over 15 years long professional career, I’ve worked with the best managers in sectors (Thank you All for your help and support!) and I’ve participated in numerous projects successfully completed for Polish, French, Japanese and Scandinavian companies, regarding the following areas:
– Marketing of services (B2B and B2C),
– Investor relations for Warsaw and London listed companies,
– Public Relations/Media relations including representation of a company as a spokesperson,
– Internal communications, – Employer Branding, including development of EVP and communications strategy,
– Crisis communications,
– Implementation of intranet solutions and enterprise social networks,
– Strategic communications and managerial communications (HR),
– Development of corporate identity (brand book),
– Communication of corporate CSR activities.

Various projects which I completed for different sectors and companies allowed me to gain some unique experience which I’ve shared during number of conferences in Poland and abroad. Some part of that knowledge and case studies I’ve managed to put into some 40 articles published in newspapers, magazines and research papers. Some of them are availbe here.